Sending Good Morning Texts Without Sending Good Morning Texts

Kyle Rose
2 min readDec 2, 2023

I was having a conversation with my girlfriend’s friend the other day — it wasn’t as much a conversation as it was her venting about the current guy she was talking to. The crux of the conversation revolved around him not sending her good morning texts, mind you they’ve been talking for three weeks. Too soon? comment below

Regardless of your feelings on how fast they should move, I had the thought that 1. that sounds tedious, and 2. how do you uniquely come up with a new text every day..?

Now, I, would never do this, but, if you wanted to here’s how one would do this..

Generate & automate bby

There’s a programatic way to do this but I want this to reach a broad audience so I’ll skip that nonsense.

  1. Head over to chat gpt and ask for it to generate let’s sayyyy 30ish different quippy ways to say good morning

One could argue those are all cliché but whatever..

2. Automate the messages

Since Apple is Apple there’s no schedule later function for iMessage on iPhones, so we have to improvise… so you’ll need to download “Shortcuts”.

I’m guessing you have a smarter than the average bear partner so they may catch on to you sending a message at the same time every day so be sure to set them within a range.. say between 8–9am and rotate the messages randomly.

Also pro-tip: never mention this to your partner